HEADS UP! We’ve done the judging, and blimey, it weren’t half hard this time, you lot are really rather good.

Here are your 2013 winners in all their shining glory. There’s one overall winner, some runners up, and a whole bunch of other finalists at the bottom of the page. You’ll see them all on your tellybox very soon indeed.

Play 4 The Birds Thumbnail 4 The Birds

By Joshua Thorpe

Joshua filmed all of the shots and then tracked in the e4 logo and other elements to create this humorous and quirky sting based in a seaside town that is being invaded by e4! Poor birds… but we got a cracking E Sting from it. What a Champ!

Play Sweet Shop Thumbnail Sweet Shop

By Katy Davis

Katy, who also goes by the name of Gobblynne don’t you know, created the animation in Adobe After Effects using 2D assets that she crafted in Photoshop. Sweeeeeeet stuff!

Play Eee What a Stinger Thumbnail Eee What a Stinger

By Kate Chesterton

Kate made this animation using Photoshop and After Effects. We love it so!

Play E4 Test Card E4 Test Card

By Gareth Martyn Rowntree Jones

Gareth created this sting using various bits of drawing and animation software and a tablet to draw with. His version of ‘Test Card F’ certainly has E4 attitude!

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