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Enter our E Stings competition

for a chance to win £5,000 and see your creations on air!

This year we decided to shake things up a bit and put the power into the hands of you, our loyal E4 fanlings.

The top 16 E Stings will be selected for a televised knock-out tournament, where you lot will be able to vote for your favourite and choose the ultimate E Stings Champion, winning a whopping £5,000!

We will also have an overall Judges Winner that some creative big wigs here at E4 HQ will choose, and they too will win a tidy £5,000.



These are the bits and pieces you'll need to make your E Sting happen...

How to enter

1.Make your E Sting

Make an awesome E Sting that is exactly 10 seconds long

2.Upload it

Upload your awesome E Sting to YouTube. Don’t forget to tell us what your E Sting is called in the YouTube title.

3.Share it

Share the YouTube URL of your awesome E Sting on twitter with the hashtag #EStings2015 and BOOM! you've entered the competition.
Make sure your Twitter and Youtube accounts are set to public.

monkey man

Some of our entries so far


e4 man